Brisbane Wedding Ceremony Music


Brisbane Wedding Ceremony Music

Normally you would have three songs:

  1. an entry song / Processional
  2. a signing song
  3. and an exit song /- Recessional

Sometimes there is an entry song for the bridesmaids and another song for the bride

Entry Song:

Traditional Processional Music:

Wagner ‘The Bridal March’ from Lohengrin (Here Comes The Bride)

Mendelssohn ‘Wedding March’ from ‘A Mid Summer Nights Dream’

You could play something like “ “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran,

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

Or “Can’t help falling in Love” Elvis

Symbolism – you have found the one you want to be with forever

The timing for this should be such that the song finishes when the bride reaches the groom or the person in charge of the music should fade the music out when the bride reaches the groom.

Signing Song:

This can be something you both like – your favourite song or something neutral – often some light classical background music.

Or “Everything” Michael Buble

“Have I told you Lately” Van Morrison

Normally one song is long enough for the signing, professional photo staging and for the guests to come forward to take photos.

Exit Song:

Traditional Recessional Music:

Mendelssohn ‘Wedding March’ from ‘A Mid Summer Nights Dream’

You could play

“From This Moment.” Shania Twain

“Beautiful Day.” U2

“How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You.” James Taylor

“All you need is Love” Beatles

Symbolism – the exciting beginning of your new life together – happy upbeat

Check list

What is listed below is common sense but it is where this can go wrong

  • You need to burn the 3 or 4 songs on to a disc in the order they are to be played in so that other songs can’t be played by accident or put them on your iphone in order
  • These need to be recorded in the format that is compatible with the player
  • You need to ensure that the cd works in the machine that it will be played in on the day – before the day -  not on the day – same with ipod or iphone
  • You need to check/ensure that the player has fresh batteries or is charged on the morning of the ceremony not when at the ceremony
  • With ipods or iphones ensure that they are charged before leaving home
  • Ensure that the person in charge of the player knows how to operate it and knows which songs are to be played
  • If it is an outdoor ceremony ensure that the player has enough volume to be heard over the background noises of people and cars