Brisbane Wedding Flowers - why are they so expensive?

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Brisbane Wedding Flowers - why are they so expensive?

I hear this all the time and the answer is simple – it has to be perfect.

Wedding flowers are not like your usual bunch of flowers you send to a friend.

They are usually a specific type of flowers not a mixed bunch.

Many people don’t realise that flowers are seasonal so they may not be available locally at the time of year you are getting married and may need to be imported or brought in from interstate.

To end up with the perfect bouquet of 30 roses the florist may need to order in 70 roses to end up with that perfect 30.

It may look easy but most Brisbane Wedding Florists have been doing what they do for many years and know the tricks to eliminate wastage and get the most life out of the flowers available.

A wedding without flowers is very very plain.

Brisbane Artificial Wedding Flowers?

As someone who sees Brisbane Wedding flowers every week I can tell you that artificial flowers have come a long way.

With the good artificial flowers, unless you touch them, you cannot tell artificial flowers from real ones these days.

Many artificial flowers these days look very real, can be cheaper than the real thing, are available all year round and you can keep them.

There are very good artists in both fresh and artificial flowers – it then comes down to what you want – the artificial flowers don’t have the beautiful smells.