Brisbane Celebrant Pricing

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Brisbane Celebrant Pricing

There is no set fee for marriage celebrants in Australia.

Brisbane wedding celebrants when starting out tend to charge less than most so that they can attract business and some see this as a way to pay for expensive weekends away for them and their partner.

If they don't get a booking they spend their weekend with their family and friends.

All Brisbane celebrants are required by law to ensure that you meet the legal requirements, fill out the required legal documents and prepare the legal documents you need to sign before and on your wedding day.

All celebrants are required to lodge to legal paperwork with Births Deaths and Marriages to ensure you are legally married within government stipulated timing.

So it comes down to what a Brisbane celebrant sees as a reasonable reward for their time and effort and if they want to be busy all of the time or if they are happy to work on the weekend if someone is prepared to pay their fee.

We all have to by law do the same things.