Brisbane Weddings and Copyright

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Brisbane Weddings and Copyright Laws

A wedding ceremony is a paid public performance and as such copyright applies.

You cannot just pluck something off the internet and read it in a wedding ceremony.

If you wish to use a writer's poem in a wedding ceremony written permission needs to be sought and obtained and the author needs to be acknowledged during the ceremony.

Brisbane couples and Brisbane wedding celebrants are being sued to the tune of $40,000 to $50,000 each for copyright breaches and this is becoming more and more prevalent.

You also cannot just change it by 10% - that is an old wives tale.

Authors get paid to write just as bus drivers get paid to drive and they are entitled to be paid for their work.

There are software tracking tools plus social media and smart phones which now make it super easy for someone to track all of this.

I have spoken to a number of teachers and childcare workers and they have told me the same is happening in their occupations.

An experienced Brisbane celebrant will be able to provide you with numerous readings that you can use and some authors and some publishing houses do provide permission for brides and grooms to use certain readings within your wedding ceremony.

Please bear this in mind as neither you nor your celebrant wants a nasty surprise after the day.