10 things that can go wrong at Brisbane wedding ceremonies

Neal Foster The Marriage Celebrant Joncia Gardens

Ten things that can go wrong at Brisbane Wedding Ceremonies

1.       Guests arriving late – happens 90% of the time = expect it

2.       The bride arrives late – if you are late you cut into your photo time so you actually pay the price

3.       Parents and grandparents are late and arrive after the bride – causes unnecessary stress for the bride because we are unable to start

4.       People involved in the ceremony arriving late including the best man and people doing readings (yes it happens)

5.       Little children not wanting to take part and screaming – it happens more often than not – if you expect them not to like big crowds you will not be disappointed

6.       Rain – doesn’t happen often but it pays to have a good plan B

7.       Babies crying – not much you can do

8.       Family members wanting to making themselves feel important on your day and telling venue staff, celebrant, photographer, limo driver and guests what to do – yes it happens often – if you have a family member likely to do this tell them not to meddle and leave it to the professionals – we have all done this more often than they have

9.       The CD doesn’t work – make sure the player is charged and test it in the player prior to the day

10.   People forget rings, flowers, sand, envelopes, candles – have a check list, check it a couple of nights before, put everything involved in the ceremony in a big box next to the kitchen bench so that the groom cannot forget to bring everything