Brisbane Wedding Entertainment

Neal Foster The Marriage Celebrant Stamford Plaza Brisbane

Brisbane Wedding Entertainment

An Ipod with a docking station or a professional Brisbane DJ?

What should you choose?

Choose the Ipod if you want everyone to go home early because they are bored or hire a professional Brisbane Wedding DJ and they will most likely stay until it's time to leave the venue.

A professional Wedding DJ knows how to read the room so ensure you choose someone who has extensive wedding experience.

He or she can then feed the crowd the music they are reacting to.

Bear in mind that most weddings have a mix of ages, often 3 generations so it's important to have variety as you want people to leave your special day thinking that was fun!

Most people expect the daggy oldies as they are great to dance to after a few drinks.

Let your guests dance to the Macarena, Grease, Nutbush and The Blues Brothers if they want to.

It's about having fun, celebrating your union and you want people to remember what a great day it was.

Did you know the most requested song is "The Horses" by Darryl Braithwaite?

Pay the little extra and get a professional DJ - you'll be glad you did.