Brisbane Celebrant or Brisbane Registry Office?

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Brisbane Celebrant or Brisbane Registry Office?

You can legally be married by a Brisbane Wedding Celebrant or by the or Brisbane Registry Office.

So which do you choose?

It’s up to you.

The difference is that by choosing a Brisbane Wedding Celebrant you can choose the location of your wedding ceremony.

If you choose a registry office wedding you have to get married in the ceremony room at the Brisbane Registry Office.

That is really the only difference.

We as marriage celebrants are all required by law to prepare and lodge all of the required paperwork to ensure that you are legally married = that’s our job.

If wedding photos are not important to you, you just want to legalise your relationship and you both work in the city then the registry office could be perfect for you.

If you want to get married at any of the beautiful wedding venues in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast beaches then you will need a marriage celebrant.