Drinking, Smoking and Joking

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Brisbane Wedding Celebrants and the law

If you are drunk, stoned or even jokingly say “I don’t think I should get married today” on your wedding day in front of your celebrant, your Brisbane wedding celebrant is required by law to terminate proceedings and you will not be getting married that day.

Your celebrant has to comply with the law and is legally allowed to make that judgement call.

You are allowed to have as many drinks as you like after your ceremony and what you smoke after the ceremony is none of our business but marriage is a legal process, legally binding documents are signed that change your personal status so you must be totally cognizant of what is happening on the day before and during your wedding ceremony.

Most people are nervous on their wedding day so it is difficult sometimes to tell if someone is joking or serious so be careful what you say and we deal with all sorts of different cultures, nationalities and accents plus varying levels of English proficiency.

There have been cases of couples forced into arranged marriages in Australia.

If a celebrant is led to believe you do not wish to go ahead with the marriage the celebrant is required by law to terminate proceedings.

If your celebrant is threatened by you or any of your guests with violence once again this applies.

So be careful what you do and say and how you behave on your wedding day.

We as celebrants want you and your guests to have a truly wonderful day like this couple.

Fortunately, none of this has happened on my watch but you are better to be warned than find out on your wedding day.