Orders of Service for Brisbane Weddings

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Orders of Service for Brisbane Weddings

Orders of service were created for church (typically Catholic) weddings that go for an hour and a half, where the crowd are asked to get up, sit down, get up, sit down and are required to recite parts of the bible, read prays and sing songs.

The crowd couldn’t do this without the words and instructions supplied.

None of this is required in the majority of civil ceremonies.

Ask any celebrant who has been around for a while and they will warn couples about issuing these for 2 reasons:

85 – 90% of the time people read the order of service while the ceremony is happening, to see what’s coming up next and miss the entire ceremony.

Before they know it the ceremony is over, they have missed the whole thing and didn’t see the smiles, tears etc.

The other thing to bear in mind is that most people are there at least ½ an hour before hand so they will have read the whole ceremony before hand and there is no mystery – they already know the readings, who’s doing what and everything that is happening – sand, giving and receiving, candles, ring warming etc – they might as well go home.

I am a member of a number of associations where we have e groups (emails).

When new wedding celebrants ask about orders of service, you should see the numbers of warning emails sent by the older celebrants telling the new celebrants to warn the couples not to spoil their ceremony.

If you wish to still issue the attendees at your wedding an order of service, you now do so informed.