What questions should you ask a Brisbane Wedding Celebrant?

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What questions should you ask a Brisbane Wedding Celebrant

Here are the questions you should be asking your prospective marriage celebrant:

 1. How long have you been doing this?  

You would think this is the most important question but it is actually the next one is. I spoke to a celebrant recently who has been a celebrant for 10 years but had only done 200 weddings.

 2. How many weddings have you done?

 Based upon the government statistics this is the most important question.

If the average is 6.6 per year that means that some do even less than that!

You want someone with plenty of experience - you want the most experienced person possible.

You need someone who is confident in front of large crowds.

Someone who knows how the paperwork needs to be completed – you want to be sure that you are legally married

Someone who knows what and what not to do on your wedding day based upon experience.

Someone who knows what ideas work and don’t work – you want your ceremony to go smoothly and for the crowd to have nice comments afterwards.

Someone who copes well under pressure

Do you want someone to experiment at your wedding?

I have done over  700 weddings in the last 7 years

 3. Are you experienced at performing rituals during wedding ceremonies?

 If a celebrant hasn’t performed the various different rituals possible then they don’t know the things that can potentially go wrong and ensure that they don’t.

They are not able to advise you on the pros n cons and potential pitfalls.

Do you want someone to experiment at your wedding?

4. Do you have any experience at organising events or coordinating people and are you an organised person?

 You need someone who knows how to organise the crowd, get everyone in position, show everyone involved in your ceremony what they have to do, explain to the crowd what they need to do and do all of this in a quick orderly manner – so that everything is ready to go when you arrive.

5. Do you cope well under pressure?

Whenever there are people involved there is the potential for things to go wrong. Is your celebrant calm under pressure?

On the wedding day, people forget rings, sand, ring cushions, lighters. There are clothing malfunctions and knots that don’t come undone.

Is your celebrant prepared?

6. Do you have a PA system?

There is nothing worse than being at a wedding and not being able to hear and understand what is going on.

A celebrant without a PA system is like a carpenter without a power saw.

Also check how expensive / powerful it is – indicates the quality of what people will hear

7. Do you have any testimonials?

If a celebrant has only 3 or 4 testimonials does that mean they have only done 3 or 4 weddings or even worse that only 3 or 4 had nice things to say

There is no substitute for experience.

If there are hundreds of testimonials for example – they can’t all be wrong

Have a look at my testimonials page

8. What do you wear?

Some male celebrants wear grey suits and rainbow ties!

Some female celebrants wear bright red dresses and fascinators!

You don’t want the celebrant to stand out – the bride and the groom are the stars of the day.

Your celebrant should wear smart neutral clothing

9. Ask the celebrant what is the most important element of the day?

 If they don’t say “The Photos” first

or “The ceremony, then the photos” – be concerned.

This means that the celebrant probably doesn’t appreciate the importance of the photos, does not work with the photographers and doesn’t think about how the various elements of a ceremony will show up in photos.

Remember – the photos and memories are all that is left after the day.