Celebrant Brisbane Relationship Information

As an authorised Brisbane Marriage Celebrant I am obliged to provide couples with relationship information.

Organisations such as Centacare, Relationships Australia and Kinections run regular Pre-Marriage Programs.These are programs for couples contemplating a marriage commitment.

Please note: it is not compulsory for couples to undertake these courses.
It is purely optional.

The courses are not expensive, they are interesting and you may learn things about yourself and your partner.

The courses help couples to explore their relationships and to develop the skills needed to handle the challenges that inevitably arise when two people share their lives.

A trained counsellor facilitates a number of sessions to review the results of questionaires you both fill out.

This may involve a discussion about:

personality differences

lifestyle expectations

communication styles

friends and interests

family backgrounds

beliefs about parenting



For more information click on these links:

Relationships Australia

Family Relationships Online


Centacare Family and Community Services

For those couples who would like some guidance but don’t wish to attend a course I have a range of educational DVD’s titled Keys to Living Together:

 Taking The First Step For Newly Weds

 Instant Families - For someone marrying into a family with existing children

 Then We Were Three - For couples planning to have children

These DVD’s are available for all of my couples to keep.....and yes they are free!

Just ask me to bring you a copy of the one you would like when we catch up.