Celebrant Brisbane Wedding Ceremonies

Neal Foster, The Marriage Celebrant can provide you with a truly beautiful wedding ceremony.

Listed below are some of the wedding ceremonies Neal can perform and some of the elements that can be incorporated in your wedding ceremony.

Traditional Wedding

95% of couples want a nice non - religious ceremony. This is one of Neal’s specialties.
You can have a beautiful meaningful ceremony without having any religion or religious components in your ceremony.

Religious Ceremony

If one of you has been married before and the church says no, it doesn’t mean you can’t be married in a chapel with a celebrant and have religious readings. Neal can organise a beautiful religious ceremony for you.

Candle Ceremony

Candles can be incorporated to represent the blending of the two lives or families or both (not recommended for outdoor ceremonies).

Sand Ceremony

Sand can be incorporated to represent the blending of the two lives or families or both too but involves more visible symbolism.

Blended Family Wedding Ceremony

Sand can be incorporated to represent the blending of families and the importance of all of the members of the family in this blended family union. This provides great visible symbolism and involvement from all members of the family unit.

Ring Warming Ceremony

This is a great way to involve the crowd and get them to pass on their best wishes to you.

Handfasting Ceremony

This is where the saying “tying the knot” comes from. The tying of the knot symbolises unity and eternity and was featured in the movie Braveheart with Mel Gibson. Scottish couples love this ceremony and often use their family tartan for this. You can just use a coloured ribbon.

Giving Away

Dad, Mum, Mum and Dad, brother, sister, uncle, aunty or grandparents normally give the bride away. This is a great way to acknowledge their importance. The symbolism of this, if done correctly is also very nice.

Ask The Crowd

This involves acknowledging the importance of family and friends. This adds a bit of fun and is a great one for videos

Ask The Parents

This involves acknowledging the importance of the parents to the couple.

Rose Ceremony

This involves acknowledging the mothers for their contribution to you being who you are today.

Philippine Wedding Ceremony

Philippine Wedding Ceremony Brisbane?

Neal can perform a traditional Philippine Wedding Ceremony with the coins, plate, veil, cord and candles. The symbolism of this ceremony is brilliant and always gets great comments from attendees.

Biker Wedding Ceremony Brisbane

Love your bikes and want a ceremony designed around them? Want to arrive on Harleys or enter through a row of revving Harleys? Want a celebrant who’ll wear the full leather biker gear and understands the lingo? Neal Foster, The Marriage Celebrant can help you organise this.

*Please note some of these ceremonies require an additional investment.

Interpreters, Harleys, candles, sand, containers etc need to be paid for by the couples. Neal can provide you with information sheets that explain what is needed for each of these ceremonies and where the various items can be obtained.Candles, containers, coloured sands etc are very personal things you will be looking at for a very long time, so it is best that you choose these.

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